__Essential Ergonomics, LLC.__

Most consultant firms in North America use primarily the engineering approach to the injury, workers compensation claims and associated costs issues. This suggest that if you merely address the technical equipment and environment issues, you can solve these problems. This approach simply has not worked.

Meet Anna K. Steadman, MA. OTR. CHSP. CEO of Essential Ergonomics, LLC,

As a experienced Occupational Therapist and Certified Healthcare & Safety Professional , I have the medical knowledge of the working body (biomechanics) along with over 27 years of treatment for incidents due to injury, disease, risk behaviors and have evaluated physical functional capacities. This information and experience is implemented in intervention and prevention with great success. Here the knowledge of what leads to the problem is addressed, which can include engineering solutions, but we add so much more. Management strategies for administrative interventions and Personal risk behaviors for all levels of staff are addressed in training for industry and task specific personal assessment. This personal assessment criteria is assigned as personal responsibility.

Many companies address injury, claims and cost with one approach. These are separate but related issues and individually each needs the appropriate approach. Management training in these approaches are another needed element to be successful. We include these approaches in developing your industry specific solution.

Front-line health care staff in the health care industry are predicted to suffer the greatest shortage of human resource in the next decade. If you are in the health care industry and need an experienced approach we are dedicated to this industry. There are definite recruitment and retention advantages that add to the benefits for any healthcare facility.